For the technology minded of us in Rajasthan, The Turing Fraternity shines as a light amongst a sea of darkness. The organization serves as a portal for our inner geeks and a source of fascination for the average carbon based life form that descended from the apes. With the goal of culminating a tech culture in this desert state, The Turing Fraternity organizes an annual Tech symposium titled the Game of Codes.

The Turists-members of the Turing Fraternity who possess varied skill sets, aid the organization and development of the club, thus dragging our nation away from the traditions of the past and into a technologically able and skilled society. The Turists are individuals with superior skill set which comprises:

  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Programming
  • Tech-Quizzing
  • Robotics


GOC is the annual Tech symposium of Jayshree Periwal International School.


If you have a brain that relentlessly collects tidbits of knowledge of the tech world, ever ready to work your neural networks and conjure an answer out of the blue, then quizzing is for you.


If you consider yourself to be decent at math and problem solving, and you can work your way around patterns and sequences, then look no further! No prior knowledge of programming is required for any of the rounds.

Web Development

For those of you who aspire to be the next Zuckerburg or Jack Dorsey and for those of you who judge organisations by their websites, we present this event as an opportunity to showcase your skills.

Graphic Design

The graphic designing contest will require you to not only possess the ability to execute various procedures but also plan out an innovative and complete design based on the topic provided.


-Participants’ skills will be challenged in all types of games.

Details of format will be declared on the spot.

Surprise Event

The surprise event will challenge the whole team to break the enigma.
The participants will compete to solve the ..?

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We are E-Ciphers
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