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You can either Create or Code

Code is a single written round with tasks on logical programming, debugging, cryptography, etc. No previous programming experience is required.

Create tests your creativity and skills. You will have an option to choose one out of the three tasks: Web Development, Logo Designing, or Poster Designing. You can also take up Video Making as a secondary choice. Use this link to view the Case Study and prompt for the Create event:



Web Development

For those of you who judge organisations by their websites, we present this event as an opportunity to showcase your skills. You will need to create a landing webpage for a company. You will be expected to use HTML, CSS, and libraries such as Bootstrap. For this event, you will need prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. Your page will be judged based on creativity, aesthetic appeal, and complexity of code

Softwares allowed- Sublime Text 2

Time- 75 minutes, 6th period


If you consider yourself to be decent at math and problem solving, then look no further! Code is the event for you. As mentioned above, you will complete a series of tasks for an organization. No prior knowledge of any programming language is required for any of the questions. You will, however, need to learn about basic programming concepts such as conditions, loops, and functions.

Concepts tested- Conditions, loops, declaration, functions

Time- 60 minutes, 6th period

Logo Designing

A good logo says it all. It is the the only image people associate with a company. You will need to create a relevant logo for a company using image editing software. The logo must be your own creation and cannot use any images taken from the internet. You can use any of the software listed below. You will need to learn about the usage of your preferred software.

Softwares provided- GIMP, CorelDRAW 6, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Time- 60 minutes, 6th period


Ever looked at those sentences with a random bunch of letters and numbers that make no sense? This topic tests your ability to decrypt simple words and phrases. Don't get haunted by the Cryptography used in the real world, you will only be tested on basic decryption. We will also provide relevant examples to describe some of the encryption strategies. No previous knowledge of Cryptography is required.

Skills required- Puzzle solving, math, finding patterns

Time- 60 minutes, 6th period

Poster Designing

This event will test your graphic designing skills. You will need to plan and create a poster that promotes a particular product. You are allowed to use stock images from the internet, as well as the images we provide you. The poster must be eye-catching and relevant to the product. You are expected to use text, images, and a good color scheme

Softwares Provided- CorelDRAW 6, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Time- 60 minutes, 6th period

Debugging and Testing

Debugging is the art of making your code error-proof. Questions on these topics are included as part of the written round. The knowledge required for debugging is similar to that mentioned for programming. We will provide code samples, and you will be expected to find errors in the logic of the code. You will test the code mentally to see where the problem lies. You will also need to write suitable validation checks

Concepts tested-Validation, problem-solving, trace tables

Time- 60 minutes, 6th period

Video Making

This is a secondary event which can be done in place of or along with the three Create events above. You will need to create a 1-minute marketing video for a company using video-editing software. This task needs to be completed at home. To share your video, refer to the Contact Us section below. Further details are provided in the Create PDF

Preferred Softwares- iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro

Judging Criterias- Transitions, sounds, marketing appeal, other effects

*Please note: All Create events will be based on the same company and product, and the Code written paper will be based on another case study. Here is the link to the Business Case Study and instructions for the Create event:


The Turing Fraternity realizes that some of you relentlessly collect tidbits of knowledge of the tech world, able to fire neurons across the brain to conjure an answer out of the blue. We therefore have a Tech Quiz which can be taken up along with the event selected below.

This quiz will contain questions related to technology, such as about tech companies and the history of Computer Science.

The tech quiz acts as a secondary event, and will be conducted at a different time slot

Venue: New building IT Lab #1    |    

Type: Online Quiz    |    

Time: 30 minutes, 4th period